Computer Troubleshooters is now closed. I will keep limited operations open through March 31 for immediate concerns. I may not get back to you until mid-late afternoon, but I will respond to any messages as soon as I can starting on March 17th. I have also reached out to a couple of local IT companies in the area to find a good fit for all of you to contact with any continuing IT and technology services you may encounter going forward. I will keep this email account ( active for a few months, but if you don’t get a reply within a day I can be reached at West Michigan Technology Services has agreed to take on any of my business clients for their IT needs going forward, he may take on some residential as well on a walk in basis only. They are a well established company that was highly recommended by a mutual colleague, I have visited their office and met with their staff. Rick Irvine, the owner, is who you would be working with at WMTS. When you do contact him, let him know you are a former client of CT Hudsonville; he is expecting an influx of new clients. Below is his contact information: 616-805-9448 x200 If you are in need of any IT configuration info I have for your company, I can send it to you and/or send to WMTS with your permission. Even if you find you don’t need it in the next couple of weeks, reach out to me at my gmail account and I can still get it to you. Sincerely, Jon Koopman 616-669-1984